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Otok Rab i Rijeka, Stalni sudski tumač i prevoditelj za engleski, njemački i hrvatski jezik
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The name of Rab is first time mentioned in the year 1446, in a foundation document of the monastery of the Holy Euphemius in the village of Kampor. The old origin word was ARB which means dark, green, wooden and was translated into the antique names Arba, Arva, Arbia.

For lovers of history and culture the island of Rab is a big amazement. If you for example stroll through the streets of the old town you can admire a lot of buildings of the roman style, gothic portals, baroque altars and windows of the rennaissance with wonderful ornaments. Rab is also very famous for his four bell towers. Tis is why Rab is also called the “town with the four bell towers”. The bell tower of the basilca is dominating over the city and is one of the nicest buildings of the latest romanticism.

Beside the ancient town, there are seven other idyllic places to explore: Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga and Lopar. There are approximately 9000 inhabitants who live mostly by agriculture, fishing, shipbuilding and tourism. Today, the tradition of organised tourism already celebrates its 112 anniversary. Rab has lush vegetation and not only autochtonous oak woods but also other evergreen forests cover the island. The mountain chain Kamenjak protects the island from cold winds so it has a predominantly pleasant Mediterranean climate with more than 2600 hours of sunshine a year.